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Caring for Your Contact Lenses and Eyes

It is important to take good care of your contact lenses in order to extend the life of your contact lenses, and protect the safety and health of your eyes.

Lens care varies depending on material and wearing schedule. Daily disposable lenses are discarded after a single use and thus require no cleaning. Other lenses require regular cleaning and disinfecting to prevent surface coating and infections.

There are many ways to clean and care for contact lenses, typically called care systems or lens solutions. Two types of solution that are commonly used included:

  • Multipurpose solutions

Multipurpose solutions are the most common method for rinsing, disinfecting, cleaning, and storing soft lenses. Clean your lenses, then rinse and disinfect, all with the same solution. When you are ready to wear the lenses, rinse them again.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide solutions

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to disinfect contact lenses. Care should be taken not to get hydrogen peroxide in the eye because it is very painful and irritating. With “two-step” products, the hydrogen peroxide must be rinsed away with saline before the lenses may be worn. “One-step” systems allow the hydrogen peroxide to react completely, becoming pure water. Thus “one-step” hydogen peroxide systems do not require the lenses to be rinsed prior to insertion, provided the solution has been given enough time to react.

Being concerned with your eye health and contact lens care, Avizor, the expert in solutions, has a single solution for every problem and occasion. Avizor is a laboratory in Madrid, Spain dedicated to the manufacturing of solutions for the cleaning and maintenance of all types of contact lenses. Avizor have been working in this field since 1985. Over the years, Avizor considered to be one of the best contact lens solution brand available.

Avizor, S.A. manufactures solutions for cleaning and maintenance of various types of contact lenses. The company provides solutions for soft contact lenses and RGP lenses; solutions for the symptoms of ocular dryness with hyaluronic acid; and solutions for ocular health. It serves customers in Spain and internationally. The company was incorporated in 1981 and is based in Leganés, Spain

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  • Preservative free cleaning, disinfecting and total protein removal system in 2 hours
  • For all types of contact lenses (soft disposable, continuous wear and rigid gas permeable)
  • 1 x 225ml + 30 tablets + 1 conatct lens case
  • Requires neutralisation
  • When neutralisation is complete solution changes to light green!



Eyewash - 250 ml

Ocular Bath:

Cleans your eyes and eyelids,soothes ocular irritations.

Relieves discomfort due to minor eye irritation by direct expositición to smoke, dust, air conditioning, dry environments or foreign body sensation.

Provides comfort in cases of ocular eye fatigue from overwork with computer screens or television, continuous reading or after a prolonged use of contact lenses.

Wash Eyelid:

To remove cosmetics, gummy or accrued on the edge of the eyelids and eyelashes deposits.

Includes an anti-microbial eye bath


AVIZOR launches the new LIPID CLEAN SiHy solution (Silicone Hydrogel). This product has arisen in response to a latent need of contact lens wearers in the face of the important evolution and increase of hydrogel-silicone lenses, which are characterized by:

-Less dehydration, and slower. 
- Accumulation of less proteins. 
-Acumulation of more lipids.

LIPID CLEAN SiHy, is designed to be the ideal complement to those contact lens users with problems of lipid accumulation and other deposits in the lenses, as it can be combined with the use of any maintenance solution.

With this new product, ideal for users of silicone hydrogel lenses, AVIZOR manages to diversify its maintenance solutions, giving a specific solution for each user.