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RM63.40 RM75.00
Avizor Ever Clean Preservative Free Cleaning, Disinfecting and Total Protein Removal System , 225ml
4 reviews
Price RM63.40 RM75.00
Brand Avizor
Reward Points 100
Points Needed 10000
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  • Preservative free cleaning, disinfecting and total protein removal system in 2 hours
  • For all types of contact lenses (soft disposable, continuous wear and rigid gas permeable)
  • 1 x 225ml + 30 tablets + 1 conatct lens case
  • Requires neutralisation
  • When neutralisation is complete solution changes to light green!

A cleaning, disinfecting peroxide solution suitable for hard and soft contact lenses including silicone-hydrogel ones. Ever Clean uses two-layer tablets. The white outer layer immediately begins cleaning and removes protein from the surface of lens. The inner green one disinfects and deactivates the hydrogen peroxide. The entire process takes two hours and there’s no need to mechanically clean lenses. Ever Clean is particularly suitable for very sensitive eyes and demanding conditions (dust, smoke-filled room, etc.).

The solution comes with a special barrel case and 30 cleaning tablets.

Non-neutralised solution must not come into contact with the eye!

  • Product Details 
  • Expiration: 2020/11
  • Total volume: 225 ml
  • Travel: No
  • Case volume: 10 ml
  • Peroxide: Yes
  • Cases in a package: 1
  • Multi-purpose: No
  • Weight: 314 g
  • Manufacturer: Avizor
  • Category: Solutions
  • Preservatives: No


Avizor Ever Clean 225ml 30 day Worth Hydrogen Peroxide System

How to use :

This solution can be used for 30 days , as 1 box contain 30 tablets each time used to clean the contact lens, need to use 1 tablet

1. put the contact lens inside the basket

2. pour the avizor ever clean solution

3. dump 1 tablet inside wait for 2 hours ( after two hours easily can been use, and contact lens will fell like-new pair of contact lens.

if its night time, it can be left up until morning then be used at the morning) it will leave greenish residue( it moisturizer), the basket can be shake and it will moisturizer the contact lens more Chat with us for more information

chat with us for more info on whatsapp !




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4 reviews
What's in the box
  • 1 bottle of solution
  • 30 tablets
  • 1 contact lens case