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Bausch + Lomb is an American eye health products company based in Bridgewater, New Jersey. It is one of the world's largest suppliers of contact lenses, lens care products, pharmaceuticals, intraocular lenses, and other eye surgery products. Founded in Rochester, New York in 1853 by optician John Bausch and financier Henry Lomb, Bausch + Lomb is one of the oldest continually operating companies in the US.


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Product Details:

Power Mention On Note Upon Ordering 

1 Box 1 Power 

- Made in Ireland
- 6 pcs per box
- Diameter : 14.0mm
- Base Curve : 8.7mm
- Water Content: 38.6%
- Monthly Disposable
- Comfort all the time 

• -0.50 to -6.00 (0.25 increment)
•  -6.00 to -9.00 (0.50 increment)



An easy-to-fit low water content spherical soft lens manufactured using the patented "Reverse Process III" or cast molding technology, and designed for use in the correction of myopia and hyperopia on a daily wear or extended wear basis. Extremely low center thickness provides good oxygen transmission, while an increased mid-peripheral thickness allows good handling across the power range. Replacement schedules should be determined by eye care practitioners in consultation with their patients.

SofLens38 is available in 6-packs.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Myopia / Hyperopia
  • Daily Wear
  • Extended Wear
  • Superior handling
  • Visibility tint




Water content:


FDA Material Group:


Oxygen Transmission (Dk/t):

24.3 at -3.00D

Manufacturing Method:

Reverse Process III or Cast Molding

Base Curves:

8.4mm, 8.7mm, 9.0mm




-9.00D to +4.00D

Optical Zone:

9.0mm - 10.0mm (-), 8.0mm (+)

Center Thickness:

0.026mm (-9.00 D), 0.035mm(-3.00 D) to 0.09mm (+4.00 D)

Visibility Tint:


Disinfection Methods

  • Heat
  • Chemical
  • Hydrogen Peroxide