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BIONICS SCIECNES SDN. BHD. was founded in 2009, July 17th

BIONICS SCIENCES is a company that specializes on the import and sales of contact lenses.
Most of our contact lenses are imported from Korea. We do also occasionally import from Taiwan and other regions to fulfil our customers’ needs. We aim to provide only the best and upmost highest quality of  products to our valued customers.

At present, the BIONICS SCIENCES color contact lenses products are: BIONICS® Zest (silicone hydrogel color), BIONICS® Color TouchiColoris® Galaxy (all the above are 2 pieces per pack), BIONICS® Crazy Color (Quarterly – vial pack), BIONICS® Iris Lens (Prosthetic – half yearly ~ vial pack) and BIONICS® Toric Color Lens (Quarterly – vial pack).


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Our Strengths & Key Features

  1. HD vision
  2. Superior comfort for dry eyes
  3. UV blocking
  4. H20 permeability
  5. Perfect fit
  6. All day moisturizing


Packing : 2-piece
Material : Methafilcon A
Lens Design : Sandwich Technology
Water Content : 55%
Diameter : 14.2mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Color Range : 8 colors
Power Range : Plano
-0.50D to -5.00D (-0.25D/step)
-5.50D to -8.00D (-0.50D/step)
Certificate : ISO13485, CE

Power : 
-0.50 ~ -6.00D (in 0.25D steps) 
-6.00 ~ -12.00D (in 0.50D steps)

-Super HD vision
-Superior comfort for dry eyes
-UV blocking
-H20 permeability
-Perfect fit
-All day moisturizing
-Enhancing for reading power


150 ml

suitable for clear and color contact lens , 

not suitable for silicone hydrogel contact lens