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What is Hyaluronic Acid in contact lens solutions?

What is hyaluronic acid in contact lens solution?

It can be argued that “biomimicry” can enhance ocular surface wetting. And polymers like hyaluronic acid do just that. e problem for contact lens wear is that the front surface of a hydrogel or silicone hydrogel contact lens isn’t a biological surface. Although hyaluronic acid may be a natural wetting agent found in the eye, the front surface of a contact lens bears little relation to the front surface of the eye. e contact lens doesn’t have the eye’s mucin structure to hold biological substances like hyaluronic acid to their surfaces. In this situation, “biomimicry” doesn’t apply. 

A contact lens kit may include one or more soft contact lenses stored in an ophthalmologically acceptable solution of hyaluronic acid or a salt of hyaluronic acid. A method of disinfecting a soft contact lens, storing a soft contact lens, or facilitating insertion of a soft contact lens in an eye, may include placing the soft contact lens into an ophthalmologically acceptable solution that comprises (a) hyaluronic acid or a salt of hyaluronic acid, and (b) at least one compound to disinfect, store, or facilitate insertion of the contact lens.