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Product Description :

  • Replacement            : Daily Disposable
  • Wearing Schedule    : Daily Wear
  • Packing Size             : 30 Pieces per Box
  • Water Content           : 58%
  • Centre Thickness      : 0.084
  • Base Curve               : 8.5mm or 9.0mm
  • Diameter                   : 14.2mm
  • Lens Material            : Etafilcon A
  • Average UV Blocking: Block 97% of UVB & Block 82% of UVA
  • Dk/t                            : 25.5 x 10¨9


These special lenses are to be worn on special festival 
days such as Halloween or to give special effects on eyes.

Cast Molding System / FDA approval / 
Dual Layer Coating Technology.(Sandwiching System)

Product Description :

  • Base curve : 8.6mm
  • Diameter : 14.2mm
  •  Water Content : 42%
  • Replacement : 6 Months  to 1 year
  • Material : Polymacon
  • Power : 0.00 / Plano only!

By adopting Geo’s image color engineering technology, 
these lenses realize the characteristic eyes of animation characters especially for costume players.

Cast Molding System / FDA approval / 
Dual Layer Coating Technology.(Sandwiching System)




CAUTION : this SFX Contact lens , Crimson Red will obstruct your vision . you need mobility asstance to us this product. use at your own risk

Create a shocking look with our Crimson Red Contact Lenses. These amazing contacts has a unique red mesh design at the center (tiny holes) that allows you to see but yet reds out your pupil. These are great and perfect for a futuristic Halloween costume or an attention-grabbing clubbing outfit.